Bespoke Candles


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After many years of working with beeswax we know that it's unparallelled in terms of its quality and characteristics. More regularly than ever we are being asked to make bespoke candles for use at home, for parties and for corporate events. The process starts with us working closely to measurements to produce a prototype candle. Once you're happy with the size and shape we can produce as many as you need. 

Each one is made by hand in small batches using fine quality 100% pure beeswax which is completely free of additives such as paraffin, palm, soy and rapeseeed wax. Then wrapped in tissue paper and packaged for posting. We also offer a local installation service for the candles if you have many to set up and need help doing so.

For a full quotation please call us on 01929 425676. Alternatively complete the form below giving us as much information as possible about your requirements.

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